Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gutter Twins were awesome AKA Yay LA

Night before last I had the distinct pleasure of heading up to Los Angeles California to see my absolutely favorite musician in the whole world...Greg Dulli. He performed at The Troubador with his Gutter Twin Mark Lanegan and some other guy. It was basically acoustic- stripped down. It was great and all but man I'd rather see him rocking it with a full band. They did play Summers Kiss and Candy Cane Crawl so I can't complain. I loooooove those two songs. We did have a blast though- went with 3 of my girlfriends who never go do this type of thing and they loved it. We went and had some super yummy Indian food after an unexpected tour of Los Angeles courtesy of me forgetting how to get places. We cruised Sunset for fun after the concert then headed back down to the Southland. I sure miss LA sometimes. I am gonna head up and wander Melrose when the weather is nicer!

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