Monday, March 14, 2011


Have you ever thought about just how great pockets are? I mean really, really thought about it. They are for sure one of the best inventions ever. You can put money in them, you can put your keys in them....if you have cargo pants you have like 4 extra pockets you can put your phone in there or if you are 10 you can put bugs and rocks in there. Often you forget what is in there...then later you rummage around in your pocket and you're like whoa...I forgot I put a ponytail holder and a nickel in there! If you are a stay-at-home parent like me, you end up with pretty full pockets by the end of the day...I pick stuff up all day and throw it in my pockets. This is why I do not wear cargo shorts. Ok it's only one small reason I don't wear cargo shorts but its a pretty good one.

Here are things with the images to be whisked away to etsy where you can buy these fab things!

Let's get shameless self promo out of the way first, K? These are wedding invitations I make that have a little pocket on the front for a "Save The Date" Card or for a little tag with directions etc.

Now here is my very favorite pocketed thing I recently discovered on etsy. It is genius I tell ya! Apiecebydenise on etsy sells this...

This is just super fun. So many aprons on etsy but this one stood out to me. Maybe its because I am a recent vegetarian convert and I'd like to think my salad is just this saucy...snapshop on etsy sells this cutie....

Now for gawds sake....don't forget about your one likes finding that ink pen in the washing machine!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring is a Renewal but I just want some eggs

Spring is a of the symbols common during this time is the egg. Its poetic and all but mostly it makes me want a fritatta you know? Here are some excellent items sure to get my quiche craving all riled up (just click the picture to be whisked away to purchase it!)

Nothing says spring to me like watching the baby chicks hatch at my parents house. We'd always argue about which ones were the roosters and which were the hens. We pretty much had no idea how to properly sex them (oh my lol) so we'd just watch as they grew to see who had to go (you can only have one rooster!) Linda has all kinds of funs art....she paints on old ceiling tiles, gourds and barn wood

Now you can only have so many chickens, especially if you don't actually eat my parents would mostly collect the eggs for eating instead of letting them hatch. Nothing like free range eggs. This is a handy little basket that you can collect them in, then pop them in the fridge. Plus, c'mon it is adorable! Check out all the "Eggsential Totes" and country fresh aprons in this shop

Well this makes me feel all sunny....there is such hope in this pan...such a glow around it that says hey, eggs make everything better! This is a new shop on etsy full of beautiful paintings, be sure to check Ricks art out

So what are your favorite Spring symbols? Bunnies? Chocolate? OMG Chocolate Bunnies?!