Monday, March 16, 2009

Snagged a Treasury West yay!

I finally had the time to sit down and stalk the treasury on etsy. I almost missed it though so it was meant to be! The colors are oddly similar to the ones in my last post. Must be in that kind of mood. Probably because I don't have any beads that are that color right now so it's be an excuse to shop!
Here's the treasury (click to see- link will expire after a few days though)...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some etsy favorites

Hi there!
I spend a lot of time on etsy. I mean a lot. Like almost neglect the kids a lot. Ok that's not totally true but still, I seem to always be searching the categories and I find amazing stuff. Here are a few things that recently caught my eye for one reason or another. Just click the image to go to the etsy listing :)

This one is from strata

The Branches - A Somber Stationery set of 6 Grim Greeting Cards

This one is from RedGateCeramics

Dancing Skeleton

This one is from Tresijas

Viva la Revolucion Rubber Stamps Set

Can you tell I have been in a skull and gothicish type mood? I also have the most awesome poster sketch waiting for me to snag a treasury. I wish we could do more than one poster sketch at a time :( I have so much fun making them!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog Reading

Just felt like getting to know some of the people who's blogs I am following. I have been neglectful of that- I followed a bunch a few weeks ago but never really went back and read and commented. I love the little peek into people's lives :) So if you see a random comment from me in your blog and wonder "who the hell is that?" well it's just me being random today!