Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Studio Peek

Sooooo....you wanna see behind the curtain do you? You wanna see "where the magic happens"? I dunno...can you handle this much excitement?

Ok....I'll give you a peek into my design....ummmm....let's call it a studio. It's really a table in the guest bedroom in my current temporary house but I pack a lot of creatin' into this little nook.

I took these pictures while I was working on a big custom baby shower invitation order. Look how sad my beads look in their boxes! They must be jealous of all the time I spend with my new friends paper and ink. Wow, this is sounding a little kooky...I blame the sushi high I am on.....mmmm....crunch rolls....

So that was just a little peek into the process....you get to see some of my tools, the table my in-laws let me borrow that is now mysteriously covered in ink, my husbands guitar amp that also serves as a spot to throw a tarp to spray my glitter inks all over the place and if you look close enough, you can see all kinds of little paper bits working their way into the (ink stained) carpet....don't worry...my in-laws told me they want new carpet anyways!