Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love in The City

Oh well hello there! You asked for it (ok ya didn't but still) so I am gonna give you a little peek at how one of my handmade invitations gets made. This mess of pics is from an order I have been working on from my Love in the City line for a bride getting married in Battery Park later this year. *sigh* I's totally romantic, isn't anyways, here goes...

Firstly, I handstamp my logo on the back of each invitation. Here I have used paper that is 100% recycled material (20% post-consumer).

The graphics on this particular invitation were all computer illustrated by my husband...he's like, a totally professional web designer and he does my work for freeeee! Well, I gotta make him dinner and do his laundry so it all works out. I take these files to the printer along with stacks of paper and they print these out for me on their super awesome machines that print waaaay better than my $20 desk top printer (go figure).

Then I come home and the magic happens. By magic I, of course, mean paper cuts and sore palms from tearing paper...once it is torn, the edges are inked then they are glued into their proper places....most of the time. Depends on how much coffee I have had and how often the cats jump on the counter and knock the neat piles of paper over or how many times I spin around to see what the kids are doing, knocking the scrap paper box (which all gets recycled of course) across the kitchen.

I may or may not have glued a papers into a card upside down once but the important thing to remember here is I have excellent quality control...always done right after a cup of coffee, in a dry and catless room :)