Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Notes on Materials AKA I love rocks

I just love going to the mailbox and finding it is stuffed with beads! I mean I know I bought them and all but it's still like a total surprise and fun! I just bought some little moonstone briollettes and they are too wonderful. I love the imperfections and inclusions. It all makes me want to tell you how much I love natural stones. Especially not-AAA stones...maybe it's strange but I like to work with the cracked, included, flawed rocks. It's so much closer to nature. I also love pairing these natural bits up with Swarovski for the contrast between the machine perfection and natures perfection...just some thoughts on what it is I do and why....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring Line is Coming along

Hi there! I had a nice relaxing no-tech weekend and came home to a sale! Yay! I am excited to get some more spring designs going this week. Seems my spring line is gonna be lots of butterflies, pinks, greens and moonstone. I really hope that isn't cliche lol. I am also going to try to do more chunky ethnic pieces using some great coptic crosses I have had for a while now. If you want to see a peek at whats to come just look over on the side bar to see my etsy mini. After watching the Oscars a bit tonight I am concerned I am off trend again (whatever lol) because all I saw were big gemmy things...that looked super expensive. Since my clients do not generally wander down red carpets with armed guards protecting their necklaces though, I gotta just do what I feel I guess. And by the way...what the hell stone was Angelina wearing? They looked fake but I am sure they weren't ;) I gotta google that. If those were emeralds I am gonna fall over.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gutter Twins were awesome AKA Yay LA

Night before last I had the distinct pleasure of heading up to Los Angeles California to see my absolutely favorite musician in the whole world...Greg Dulli. He performed at The Troubador with his Gutter Twin Mark Lanegan and some other guy. It was basically acoustic- stripped down. It was great and all but man I'd rather see him rocking it with a full band. They did play Summers Kiss and Candy Cane Crawl so I can't complain. I loooooove those two songs. We did have a blast though- went with 3 of my girlfriends who never go do this type of thing and they loved it. We went and had some super yummy Indian food after an unexpected tour of Los Angeles courtesy of me forgetting how to get places. We cruised Sunset for fun after the concert then headed back down to the Southland. I sure miss LA sometimes. I am gonna head up and wander Melrose when the weather is nicer!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ok, so now maybe it's winter!

We need it right? The rain I mean....I am happy to see it but admit it is strange to be in just plain cold rain again- it was always either icy rain in winter or it was warm rain in spring/summer in PA lol. It smells great outside though! Nothing like the smell of wet grass and dirt washed streets to get your coffee guzzle instinct going. Speaking of which....time for some joe.

Oh and of course I listed some new bracelets and necklaces over on etsy today so feel free to click my shop link and check it out if ya wanna ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's winter. Really? Winter...hmmmm...

Wow another day of sun and relative warmth. I guess a few years of actual seasons has made me forget a whole lifetime of living where it is almost always sunny and 72 lol. If global warming suddenly causes a snow storm here we are all screwed because I left all our snow clothes in York when we moved back. No offense giant white puffy Fila winter coat or white snow boots but I never want to see you again!

Perhaps later today I will tap into my snowy, icy, damn-my-feet-are-cold memories and make some pretty jewelry....I see lots of clear AB swarovski and rock crystal in my visions....