Saturday, January 31, 2009

New listings

I listed a few new things over on etsy. I really love this bracelet in particular. I have had these beads kickin' around for a long time and they finally got the attention from the muse :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

OMG I had another treasury on FP!

And didn't even know it. Again. Woohoo! I was just checking Etsy Front Page Pool and there it ws. I had a feeling this one would make's pretty FP friendly.

Now the two I have up at the moment are not as FP friendly but I love them anyways!

Gearing up For Beauty this weekend

What glorious weather we are having, right? I hope it sticks around this weekend. We are trying to figure out what to do to take advantage of it...go to a local beach for a picnic...go to the park...go to San Juan Capistrano (my son is studying CA history right now) many choices! Anyone?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Early Morning In SoCal

I usually sleep until I can't deny the sun is up anymore. Today I got up early to get the oldest ready for school (usually the husband does it). I was crabby about it but after I got out into the day it was amazing! The morning light and the crisp air. Ah, what am I thinking sleeping in every day?! I have said it before (like a jillion times) but I'll say it again...I am so happy to be back in California! I love seeing the foothills to the East and the lights to the West (ok, wish I could see the ocean but I'll take what I can get). I also love that there is no snow to shovel or ice to chip off the windshield!

On another not...I want my treasuries on the front page! I really do love them. I think they came out nice. The treasury sitting in my poster sketch right now is not a front pager so I'd love to get one of these babies up in the next 12 hours :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

My last treasury made it to the front page (yay!) and now I have 2 more up. Man, I loves making the treasuries! Here they are:

I just joined the CCCOE Team and am already loving it. I can't wait to get more involved :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

with a subtle hoot...treasury

Here's the Treasury I got on etsy just moments ago. All that stalking paid off!
I call this "with a subtle hoot..." and it features pale yellows, browns and bronzes.I just love it and hope it gets lots of happy views! (Just click the image to go to etsy and see it in all it's glory)

Gray Day In SoCal

Well its finally a gray day here. Even the dog looks depressed. How did I stand winters on the East Coast lol. I should be out in my studio (aka the kitchen table) working on some new jewelry or some Valentine's cards in case I actually do sell some jewelry before then ;) but I can't. Why? Because I am stalking the treasury on etsy. I know it says it'll open up in an hour but I can't help but sit here and stare at the screen, hoping I won't miss it....but I probably will since it's almost time to meet the children's demands for waffles with syrup and chocolate milk.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lake Calaveras Hike

My weekend design inspiration this week is courtesy of San Diego's North County. We go down to visit a few times a month and stay at my parent's house. Nothing like eating fresh-

from-the-chicken eggs and fresh from the farm veggies on an unseasonably warm January day. The weather was so nice in fact, we went on a hike over at Lake Calaveras in Carlsbad (Oceanside whatever- not sure what city its technically in lol). Lake Calaveras is just an oversized pond really, with hiking and biking trails that lead up to an abandoned quarry. My dad was telling us how when they were teenagers they would push old cars off the top and watch them crash down at the bottom. When we were kids there were all kinds of stories about how there were Satanic rituals held in the shadow of the quarry walls. We didn't see any tell-tale fire rings or abandoned cars- just some skaters skating the concrete wash-out and mountain bikers. We didn't see any calaveras either but I do love them so here's one from my etsy shop :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To the beach!

Being back in the land of milk and honey...or maybe the land of black-lip mussels and sea salt...I am feeling it at any rate. The weather has been so great here that we have made a few trips down to the beach (not the shore east coast friends, the beach!). I was inspired by the uneven wear of the rock- the pockets of sand and water filled with sea anemones blooming like purple and gray sunflowers...the gleam on the smooth water before it crashed over the mounds of mussels and brought in sharp shards of shell. It all sounds like a bunch of poetic musing but I tells ya the beach does that to a person.