Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lake Calaveras Hike

My weekend design inspiration this week is courtesy of San Diego's North County. We go down to visit a few times a month and stay at my parent's house. Nothing like eating fresh-

from-the-chicken eggs and fresh from the farm veggies on an unseasonably warm January day. The weather was so nice in fact, we went on a hike over at Lake Calaveras in Carlsbad (Oceanside whatever- not sure what city its technically in lol). Lake Calaveras is just an oversized pond really, with hiking and biking trails that lead up to an abandoned quarry. My dad was telling us how when they were teenagers they would push old cars off the top and watch them crash down at the bottom. When we were kids there were all kinds of stories about how there were Satanic rituals held in the shadow of the quarry walls. We didn't see any tell-tale fire rings or abandoned cars- just some skaters skating the concrete wash-out and mountain bikers. We didn't see any calaveras either but I do love them so here's one from my etsy shop :)

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kim* said...

sounds really nice :)