Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Early Morning In SoCal

I usually sleep until I can't deny the sun is up anymore. Today I got up early to get the oldest ready for school (usually the husband does it). I was crabby about it but after I got out into the day it was amazing! The morning light and the crisp air. Ah, what am I thinking sleeping in every day?! I have said it before (like a jillion times) but I'll say it again...I am so happy to be back in California! I love seeing the foothills to the East and the lights to the West (ok, wish I could see the ocean but I'll take what I can get). I also love that there is no snow to shovel or ice to chip off the windshield!

On another not...I want my treasuries on the front page! I really do love them. I think they came out nice. The treasury sitting in my poster sketch right now is not a front pager so I'd love to get one of these babies up in the next 12 hours :)

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